Scaling and root planning – When a simple gingivitis progress to periodontitis, treatment needed is more than the usual teeth cleaning. This procedure differ than the simple prophylaxis because it involves deep scaling. Special hand instruments are used to remove the tartar that has accumulated below the gum line, which causes the infection.

On the other hand, Root planning is similar to deep scaling but already involves the root surfaces. Certain techniques are used to clean the root surfaces, so as to encourage healing of the gums and reattachment to the tooth.

Pocket reduction – When periodontitis is left untreated and continues to progress, it will further affect the supporting structures of the tooth which results to “pockets”. These pockets are area for bacteria to thrive and impossible to reach by daily oral hygiene measures.

Surgery is necessary, and will involve incising the gums to expose the area of the tooth that needs to be cleaned. The gums are then stitched in place for faster healing.