Orthodontics or Braces

Myobrace – also called as MRC trainers, are early intervention for bite problems or malocclusion. This is suitable for kids between 5-12 years of age. Myobrace corrects abnormal habits while improving the child’s facial features. This resembles a mouthpiece designed to put light aligning forces on crooked teeth, at the same time influences the development of the jaw.

Conventional braces – these are the typical metal brackets that are cemented to the tooth which is commonly seen with colorful rubbers (elastic ties) holding the archwire in place. Adjustment of braces causes pressure to the teeth, slowly moving the teeth into alignment and is done every month.

Self- ligating braces – similar to conventional braces but treatment time is shorter since teeth moves a lot faster. This type of brackets has its own locking mechanism which eliminates the need for elastic ties. Pain is less felt than with the conventional. This is ideally used to difficult cases such as severe crowding and malocclusion.

Ceramic braces – also known as clear braces exist in both conventional and self- ligating system. Since they are clear, it blends with the shade of the tooth thus they are

unnoticeable. This is ideal to people wanting to achieve straight teeth without compromising esthetics.

Invisalign – braces do align teeth but achieving straight teeth like not wearing one is also possible thru invisalign. Invisalign is a set of custom-made clear aligners ideally worn 22 hours a day and is replaced every 2 weeks.