Pediatric Dentistry

Check up and Parent counseling – Parents are encouraged to regularly have their children checked as early as 1 year old. Frequent dental visit exposes the child in a dental environment and get acquainted with their dentist. The child less likely to develop anxiety and helps them to cooperate during dental check-ups.

Children are prone to developing tooth decay so during counselling, parents are advised of effective oral hygiene regimen for kids to prevent such. Dental check ups allows dentist to monitor the child’s teeth and carry out necessary preventive measures.

Topical Fluoride Application – Fluoride is present in kiddie toothpaste but in a limited formulation. Professionally applied fluoride in the form of gel and varnish is more effective and stays in place longer.

Fluoride is necessary for making the teeth stronger, remineralizing weakened areas which is an early stage of cavities. This is greatly beneficial for children as they are some who are prone to developing tooth decay.

Dental Sealantit is like a lining or coating placed onto the tooth’s most vulnerable surface to develop tooth decay. These are commonly placed on the molar and premolars of the child’s permanent tooth because deep grooves exist on these teeth. As long as the sealant is present, the tooth will remain protected and is less likely to develop tooth decay.