Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction – when the tooth is no longer restorable or worth saving, extraction is indicated. Procedure of removing a tooth is done under local anesthesia. Simple extraction can be done without necessary bone removal, unlike wisdom tooth removal.

Surgical tooth extraction – when a tooth extraction is assessed to be difficult, then a surgical extraction is indicated. Incision, bone removal and sectioning of the tooth may be done for complete retrieval of the tooth. Suture is placed for better wound healing and to hasten recovery.

Odontectomy – commonly known as impacted tooth removal, is a procedure regarding the removal of a tooth which is partially or fully embedded on bone.

This procedure involves incision and bone removal to expose underlying tooth prior to extraction. Most common tooth that are impacted are the wisdom tooth or 3rd molars.

Dental implants – it is an artificial tooth root that is embedded onto the jaw to hold a replacement crown or bridge. Implant is the most ideal treatment for missing tooth/ teeth, and also an option for patients with existing denture or bridge.